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Fitness instructor  

Job ref : FI-UKF01                                Location: UK/FRANCE                                Salary : TBC

Please note that due to client confidentiality not all of our  jobs available are listed on Pearl and partner's website.  Should you be searching for a new  job please register your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.

Traveling Fitness instructor  

Job ref : FI-UKF87                             Location: Monaco                             Salary : Excellent 

Our clients are looking for a professional and highly motivated Fitness Trainer.

​The right candidate must have experiences of conducting group sessions, hold relevant qualifications, and be passionate about what they do.

- Ability to work shifts including weekends. The trainer will be compensated for shifts above regular call of duty.

- Conduct regular fitness assessment of member of the family & guests 

- Collect personal medical history, chronic illnesses and current medications of all members. If there are any red flags, it's the trainer's responsibility to procure doctor approval before commencing training.

- Design exciting, high energy classes, with special attention towards introducing various exercises at regular intervals to avoid monotony from setting in.

Start date : asap 

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